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Please enjoy using any of these images; and be inspired to make something fabulous.  Whatever you create, I hope you'll send a picture I can add to the "Your Art using My Images" album. When you use these pieces of my ephemera collection in your art, it would be so appreciated if you would link to me. It goes without saying that you wouldn't sell any of the images, because then we would all laugh at you.

blue background
Ephemera pieces c3
The elf hill edit
Collage images
Ephemera pieces c
German map
Cabinet Card c
Greenpaper pale blue background
back of old playing card
New year's calls
Scan book page edit
French fighting1
French zoologie
Engraving 10
Album title 09 12
Bric a brac stories
Character sketches
French deco alpha book papillons
German reader page
Garden seasons winter
Garden seasons autumn
Garden seasons summer
Garden seasons spring
Holy cards 2
Children 1923 no border
Postcard souvenir nancy
Postcard souvenir nancy 1
Acting 1 2 _1
Presented to 2
Bees 125
Holy card irfan 1000 c
Pages 1_2
Engraving 4 5_1
Sewing hands 7_1
Assort ephemera_3
Rppc 1 2 3 4 _3
Illust 3
Bees 12
Photo album page b all
Line detail flower frame square
Line detail 3 a
Compass images_1
Map french us  3